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Learn 'n' Share

Learn what you wish and share what you know. LearnShare is the first platform where we believe there is no teacher and everyone is a learner here. Welcome to the learner’s family.

Simple and User Friendly Design

Learning is fun when it’s made simple. We believe in this and so does our apps, web or mobile. With a simple yet interactive interface ge ready for a phenomenal learning experience.

Your Personalized Showcase

We recognize the need of a robust environment that supports everything you have to offer and to cater this we at LearnShare have made sure that you can provide any type of content as a part of designing your course platter. Give details, share any pics, videos, documents or anything else. The space is all yours make the best of it and stand out.

Real people, real knowledge

Learn from people who know their stuff from experience, not rote learning. Learn Skills, not theory.

Get Exactly what you need

With our search ,filter and sort option find the best course suited for your needs based on ratings, course location or any other option.

Crafted with Love

We built this platform as learners, for learners, understanding their needs and problems. Hope you have as much fun using it as we had building it.

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This is Why You Will
Love LearnShare

  • Built with learners in mind
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Community Driven
  • Platform to Showcase skills
  • Friendly UI
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Extensive Filter and Sort options

To not only provide the best courses but also to help you in selecting the best one out of the available, we have extensive filter and sort options. It allows you to see all the courses available in your area specifically or from all over, in many possible ways of sorting through them all. From a wide variety to a precise selection be sure to select your course here at LearnShare.

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Connect and Interact with Learners around you

Welcome to a family of learners from all around you. Learn, interact with them and gain more knowledge. Our platform let's you learn from people around you and let's you share with others what you know. We believe knowledge is better when shared.

Your Privacy = Our First Priority

We understand the importance of your privacy. Your contact details remain private till you accept a request for joining your course or join someone else' course. It is confidential between the learner and the mentor.

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Other Features

More points about our services

Learner friendly

Baginner or pro, everyone is welcome here. This is a platform built by learners, for learners.

Easy Interface

Easy to pickup interface makes everything inituitive. No user manual needed here.

Multi format files upload

Your choice how you want to present your content, be it as videos, photos, documents or anything. You decide.

Community Driven

We let the community decide what's better for them, your comments and ratings decide what's better.


Your contact details are always kept private and nly shared when you decide to with whom you decide to.

Quick Portfolio

Our inituitive interface let's you quickly setup an amazing looking portfolio of what you have to offer.


We have a curated list of courses we personally found amazing, so you can quickly get started with learning.


Our UX flow makes joining courses as quick and easy as making friends. Try it to see it.

Love to Hear From You

Drop us a mail if you have any feedback!

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