Why should you choose us ?

Presentation is important! Our design let's you organize and present the stuff you have worked on in the most presentabl form, with carousels, previews, cards. You can put in any kind of file to be shared with your audience. Make sure you put your best foot forward. Get feedback from people learning from you.

Where are you guys located ?

Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

What does it cost ?

We don't charge anything for the service. The courses may require cost by the mentor.

How does the billing process work ?

We don't interfere in payment and let the course crator take care of it to ensure that anyone anywhere can use our service to connect with learners.

What do I do if I face issues with a learnable ?

Contact Us! The creator of course would usually be the person to approach in case of issues regarding the course. In case of issues with your mentor or learners, you can let us know and we will attend to it.